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Wants of the Heart

Lovin' Lawmen Series #2

Josephine Hamilton is true tomboy who loves to ride horses and shoot guns. A handsome stranger with a head injury, who can't even remember his own name, stumbles onto the field of her father's farm. She falls for the mystery man even though she has already been promised by her father to the town optometrist. 

Para(Not So) Normal

A Collection of Short Stories

Do ghosts really exist? They do in my imagination. Aliens do to.


My father has been telling me ghost stories my entire life. He's gifting at spinning a tale. I'd like to believe I've inherited his skills.


Follow me on a journey through my fictitious world. I promise you won't be bored. I've even thrown in a little romance.

My Life

A Collection of Poetry


I live among the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.  The summers are warm. The winters can be harsh. I wouldn't trade my home for anywhere else, and several of the poems are about my surroundings. Others are inspired when writing my books.

Life can be full of heartache or fill your heart with joy and love. This is My Life, a collection of poetry written my way.  

Hopelessly, Completely, MADLY in Love

Lovin' Lawmen Series #1

Lexine Donovan takes the coward's way out when two men are vying for her heart.  She returns to town with a husband.  A shot rings out during a picnic.  Is one of the two men who claim to love her capable of murder?

The Backstories

Undercover Romance Series (Character Stories)

Three captavating short stories, including the pasts of Nathan Reed and Leo Kensington.  You'll discover out how both of these men met Kate Collins. Also read about her mother's early years with Howard Kensington.

How to Capture Kate

Undercover Romance Series #1


After Kate Collin's failed field assignment for the FBI, all she desires is a quiet, peaceful existence, spending time at the beach  near her home.   That's impossible when two men show up on her doorstep within a day of each other, hoping to steal her heart. 

Genevieve Grace

Killer Attraction Series #1

College isn't nearly as romantic as high school for Genny Montgomery. Especially, when Hank Moretti is so consumed with taking his college football team to the championship and going professional that he has little time for her. He's never satisfied her in the bedroom. A handsome college professor starts giving her the attention she craves. Will he be able to fulfill her sexual fantasies that have been poured out into three steamy novels?  

Who will survive this deadly love triangle? 

Killer Attraction Series and Undercover Romance Series are available at, plus newly released historical romances Hopelessly, Completely, MADLY in Love.  Wants of the Heart is coming soon


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